Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Problems in connecting......

Dear all......I know I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately....but that's because I have been experiencing some connection problem at home. Oh's the cable theft again! It's been twice over here at my neighbourhood and it is such a huge problem for me especially since I am in the online business. However, things are being done to fix this problem and I do hope it will be resolved soon. Please be patient and I will update again here when everything is back to normal. Thank you again for your kind understanding! :)
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blue ribbon with silver linings


Oh I just love this one! The photo here does not give justice to the real thing! I know I know! I'll just have to take new photos of this next time. But for now these will do. :D Again, I found another interesting looking bead for me to use for my ribbon beaded bookmark. These silver colour beads are oval in shape and has some engraving of flowers on it. So pretty! I just adore it to bits!

This ribbon beaded bookmark is handmade with soft pearly blue n white, plus some couple of clear beads to match the oval shaped silver colour beads. The centre of the bookmark is about 10 inches long. And is suitable for any paperback books.
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