Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yellow flower beads...


Here it is....the other flower bead I mentioned in my earlier post. It's yellow in color. I matched the yellow flower beads with a couple of yellow pearl and orange tone beads. The soft orange ribbon suits the colors of the beads quite well. I love the simplicity of the design. Not too much of beads on each end of the bookmark. :)

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Purple flower beads


I'm excited to share here my latest ribbon beaded bookmark with everyone! It's a very simple and cute ribbon beaded bookmark with a new type of flower beads that I bought quite a while back. This type of flower beads comes in a variety of colors but I only bought 2 types of colors which the purple and yellow flower beads. I will post the yellow flower beads ribbon beaded bookmark  here soon. 

I've been thinking of how to use this flower bead for quite sometime now. I really wanted to use it to make a beaded bookmark but didn't quite know how to go about using it. In the end I thought of this particular technique whereby you won't be able to see the ends of the ribbon. It's hidden inside the beads itself. Noticed that? Well, I love that! Usually whenever I make ribbon beaded bookmarks, the ends of the bookmarks can be seen therefore I have to make sure the ends are neat and does not fray. But with this new technique I don't have to worry about it fraying at the ends. Love it! Too bad I only have two colors available to make this type of ribbon beaded bookmark. I wish I had more choices though :).

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