Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Short course on sewing beads and sequins

Gosh.....how long has it been???? The last time I blogged here was in 2012!! Wow, can you imagine?? It's been a very very long time indeed! Been so busy with work and other projects, so much so that I've neglected to update anything here. Been neglecting other blogs as well huhuhuhu.

Anyways.....I thought I should blog about my latest activity involving beads! Just a few days ago, I attended a short course on sewing beads and sequins on fabric. It was actually a really basic course on the subject where we learned the simple art of beading and how to apply it on clothes. In fact we can apply the technique not only on clothes but also on other material such as scarves, bags etc....as long as it's fabric. But I'm thinking of applying it on paper too! 

I was invited to attend it personally by Datuk Faridah. Met her for the first time at a business seminar last month. She has seen my work and immediately wanted me to participate in this course as she thought I would do well in it. Well, I wasn't sure myself if I could do it as I am not familiar with the subject. But since she persisted, I told myself that I had to give it a try. And so I drove to Perlis for the first time in my life for this course. 

Believe it or not, I was really glad I followed my heart and went there. At least now I know how to drive to Perlis and also do simple beading on fabric. Since it was just a short course.....I definitely need time to practice more and explore more on the subject. Must do more research on it so that I can design something better in future. As long as you know the basics, then there shouldn't be a problem to do more complicated designs.

I managed to get new friends there and we all shared our own personal experiences. It was great! I really had a good experience mingling with other participants and teachers. I learned a lot. I hope to create something with my new knowledge this year. Something that I can apply both on fabric and on paper. It would be so cool if I can achieve that! ;)

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CC said...

Lin! Your beading is beautiful! I should know since I beaded for years! Remember all the sequins and beads you sent me? How we figured out the best ones? Gosh! You have come so far with your knowledge of different arts & crafts! I'm so proud of you! There is a lot to learn in beading! And you can bead on other things besides fabric! :) I have so many books on beading! I wish you lived closer so I could share them with you!!! Do check out the Beaded Journal Project online as they have a lot of different beaders doing so many different types! Love you bunches!

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you CC!! I was thinking about you all the time when I was doing the beading. I thought of all the things you thought me about how important it is to buy the best ones...and make sure they are the same size. You were right about that! I loved it so much. I totally understand now why it was so important.

I'll check out the Beaded Journal Project soon and will find books here on beading. They have a lot here too. I'll check them out at the bookstores.

Love you!!