Saturday, October 18, 2008

Green paper bookmark with sunflower motifs

I'm pretty exited with this new bookmark I made......I have done a couple of designs similar to this type of bookmark about a year ago....the same kind of technique, but different layout and colour, which I made exclusively for two of my special friends as gifts. I really loved the idea and wanted to share it with everyone who is interested in paper bookmarks. Since I love beads so much, I try to include them by tying them by the ends of the ribbons......and I chose beads that would match the colour of the paper used for making the bookmark. The pattern on the bookmark is hand drawn and cut out one by one.....then I placed a special fabric behind the cut out pattern to create the glittering effect on the bookmark.

This handmade paper bookmark is quite difficult to make, and a bit time consuming too because I need to cut out the pattern by hand.....therefore making each bookmark I made exclusive and unique as each one is never exactly the same. :)
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Coisas de Bem Querer said...

I am happy you like my work.
I usually visit your blogs, too.
I really like your bookmarks and your cards!

You can find beautiful beads at Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur.
I went there last April, on holidays, and they have wonderful beads.
Some of them cost 10 times less than in Portugal!!


Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Ana!
Thanks!!! I will definitely go and check out the beads in Chinatown, KL one of these days :)

CC said...

Hi, Sweetie!
I recognise that bookmark! Or at least a similar one! I really love mine & the design is incredible! What a lot of work, but they are so wonderful!
Keep up the beautiful creations!
Warmest aloha,

Azlina Abdul said...

Hi sweetheart! Thank you for the lovely comments :) I love the idea so much and thought of making more of these types of bookmarks. Similar idea but different designs. The one I gave you is one of a kind :).