Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Apple green + dark pink + white colour beads....

A close view of the seed beads and decorative beads at the ends of the bookmark.

This design is handmade with shiny apple green, opaque white, shiny dark pink and clear rose seed beads with decorative beads to match. The bookmark is based on a nylon string and is suitable for almost any book size. The whole length of the bookmark is about 14 inches long and the measurement for the center area is about 10 inches long.

I had an idea to do this design last night, way late last night around 12 midnight hehehe.....I guess that's the time when all the ideas comes pouring in. I have done an apple green and dark pink combination beaded bookmark before....but this one, especially for the full beaded type has added opaque white seed beads on it. I especially love the big beads at the end of the beaded bookmark....the clear apple green colour with a white round shape on the inside just looks so pretty hehehe! I wanted to use glass beads for this design like the one I have done before for BB022, but as usual the beads are out of stock, so I had to find some other beads that would match....I can't really say that the other design is better than this one as all the designs are special in their own :)
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