Thursday, June 12, 2008

Soft peach + clear yellow + soft purple colour beads.....

Sorry people, this design is all sold out at the moment. Please view below a remake of this design that is available for orders, thanks! :)

This design is handmade with soft peach, clear yellow and soft purple seed beads with some decorative beads to match. The bookmark is based on a nylon string and is suitable for almost any book size. The whole length of the bookmark is about 14 inches long and the measurement for the center area is about 10 inches long.

This sweet soft pastel colour combination is definitely a favourite amongst my customers because of the heart shape beads in it. The pearl like colour and texture are close to their hearts :). The first one I did of this design has many heart shape beads on it....6 of them....but due to the current situation, I am not able to make the bookmark with the same amount of heart shape beads on it anymore. Even the colours depends on stock availability. So I had to improvise and use what is available in stores.
I find that it is quite an adventure to search for new beads or even for the ones that I have seen is really quite thrilling to go on a search for them. This new venture of mine has taken a step further and has taken me places I never thought I would visit. I am definitely learning more and more each day and improving my skills as much as I can to give the best for my customers. The joy I see in their eyes when they purchase my art work is definitely rewarding for me. Nothing can compete to that! :)
Soft peach + clear yellow + soft purple colour beads.....SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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