Monday, June 23, 2008

Lilac ribbon with silver linings

This is a closer detail of the beads on the bookmark....I especially love how the lilac beads blends well with the ribbon....and the shape of the lilac beads matches with the silver lined beads perfectly. :)

This ribbon beaded bookmark is handmade with clear, silver lined, lilac and white decorative beads. It is based on a 1/8" lilac satin ribbon with silver linings on the sides. The whole length of the bookmark is about 15 inches and the measurement for the center area is about 10 inches long. It's size is suitable for any paperback book.
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CC said...

Wow! You've been busy!!! I'm really loving all of your color combinations! Very pretty!
Warmest aloha!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much dear means a lot coming from you! You have inspired me a lot! :)