Tuesday, June 10, 2008

White + Soft blue + Soft pink colour beads.....

Sorry everyone, this design is all sold out at the moment. Please check out the remake of this design below that is available for orders, thanks! :)

This design is handmade with soft blue, soft pink, clear silver and opaque white seed beads with decorative beads to match. The bookmark is based on a nylon string and is suitable for almost any book size. The whole length of the bookmark is almost 15 inches long and the measurement for the center area is about 10 inches long.

This is a remake of my BB024 design. The design had heart shape beads on each end of the beaded bookmark. Unfortunately since the beads are out of stock, and could not be found in any other bead store, I had to replace them with this sweet tear drop shape soft pink pearl color beads. It looks really sweet and compliments the design quite well. I love the new look! :)
White + Soft blue + Soft pink colour beads.....SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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